Infographic Creation

Directions - Analyze the data you collected from your Google Form survey. Look for patterns or trends in the data. Find the story in the data and highlight these patterns and trends in a visual way by creating an infographic. The infographic should tell a visual story through data and images.

Remember Our Process: idea - research - data - analysis - story - design - creation

Infographic Creator - easel.ly


Website: www.easel.ly/

Username: same as your CPS email

Password: library210

Looking for additional graphics for your infographic? Check back for a list of creative commons sites.

210 Surveys

Directions - Answer the questions on all of the surveys. Be honest in your responses and take this seriously. All surveys should be answered by the end of class today. This is independent work.

5. Cats

7. Sports

15. Sports

17. Chips

18. Dogs

22. LR

23. Music

26. Sleep