CPS Connects

CPS Connects 

What is this?  
Connect your learning experiences in your school and around the city

Click here to Claim Your Account!

CPS students already have accounts waiting for them! Students need to visit ChicagoCityOfLearning.org/CPS and enter their name and CPS ID# (located on report card or ID card) to claim their account. 


Search through the list of FUN and FREE activities to do. Get connected to learning opportunities online or in your neighborhood. Partners include libraries, museums, parks and community organizations.


When students learn a new skill or participate in a program, they will earn digital badges. Students collect their badges in a secure online “Electronic Portfolio” and if they would like to, with parent/guardian consent, students can share the badges with family and friends, teachers and potential employers.

Leveling Up

Each time a badge is earned, students will receive suggestions for other programs and activities they may be interested in. Students will be invited to “level up” and broaden or deepen their new knowledge and skills. These are called Learning Pathways.

Learning Pathways

Through badges, students can link one learning opportunity to the next – a class at a museum, for example, followed by a challenge online. Students create their own learning pathways, and open up new opportunities for themselves. Some colleges and employers now accept badges as Indicators of achievement.

Incentives And Rewards

Students who participate in CPS Connects and Chicago City of Learning will be entered into random drawings that will offer further rewards from partners throughout the city. Some badges “unlock” special opportunities, like access to special events and opportunities to showcase.