Eighth Grade Resources

Google Classroom Directions

1. Sign in to Classroom at classroom.google.com
2. On the Home page, click +
3. Enter the code that Ms. Hlousek gave you in the box and click JOIN.

Try Out Web 2.0 Tools!

1.  Use Recite This to transform text or a quote. Remember to share your final project with Ms. Hlousek.

2. Use Spell with Flickr to create interesting text.

Visit BBC - Earth - Your Life on Earth

2.  Enter in your information
3.  Read over the profile of your life on Earth
4.  Prepare 3 observations you found interesting to share with the class

Current Events Assignment 1 

1.  What did you search to find the article

2.  Include the URL of the current event article

3.  Read the article

4.  Identify the main idea of the whole article in 1-2 sentences

5.  Create a summary of the entire article.  One paragraph

6.  Personal response to the article

7.  Save as 214 Current Event 1

8.  Share with Ms. Hlousek (kahlousek@cps.edu)

Career Research 

Explore careers you are interested in pursuing in the future.  

Click on each category to further explore the career.  The categories are below: 
  • What (example - teachers) Do
  • Work Environment 
  • How to Become a (example - teacher)
  • Pay
  • Job Outlook (information about the future of the career/job)
  • Similar Occupations
  • O*NET - O*NET provides comprehensive information on key characteristics of workers and occupation. 
Write down information from each of the sections.

Create a presentation of the career research in Google Presentations.  Share the presentation with Ms. Hlousek.

You will present your career exploration findings to the class.

Other Career Exploration Websites
Illinois Career Information System from the Illinois Department of Employment Security
  • Illinois Resident Login
    • Select Chicago from the drop down menu
    • Enter the school zip code - 60623

Immigration Research

Video: Coming to America - A Virtual Field Trip to Ellis Island

Welcome to Ellis Island! More than 12 million immigrants made their first stop in America at the Ellis Island Immigration Station between 1892 and 1954. In fact, more than 40 percent of Americans can trace their family history back to Ellis Island.  Follow in the immigrants' footsteps by taking a tour of Ellis Island. 

During the tour you will hear first-hand stories told by people who came through Ellis Island; see historical photographs and films; read fascinating facts; and discover the central role this station played in the story of American immigration.

Week Two of Immigration Study: Detailed exploration of Ellis Island. 


Start the tour and write the ten steps immigrants took as they moved through Ellis Island.  Include supporting details for each of the ten steps.

Click Here to Take a Virtual Tour of Ellis Island

Amendment Research
Directions:  Copy the following questions into a Google Doc.  Name the Doc - Amendment Research.  Record your answers in the Google Doc.
1. Define the following terms:
  • Bill of Rights:
  • amendment:
  • ratified:
  • preamble:
2. Amendment # (write the amendment you selected here):

3. Date the amendment was ratified:

4. What does this amendment mean in simplified terms? What rights does it give you?

5. How do you believe the common good is helped through the protections afforded by this amendment to the constitution? Why is this amendment important?

6. Describe how this right might be useful to you. Describe a scenario of a situation where you would use this right. Or if you would never use it, then describe why you would not.

7. As of 2014, how many amendments have there been to the US constitution?

8. Name one of the amendments that came after the bill of rights,  Include the number and explanation of what the change was to the constitution.

WWII Research

Database - World War II Reference Library 
  • Enter the Zapata password (this was given to students in library class)
  • Select a section related to your research focus


World War II Interactive Map - Click on Effect of WWII on Each Country to learn about the effect of WWII on each country before, during, and after the war

World War II Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection from the Air Force

World War II Military Situation Maps from Library of Congress

Allied Forces
United States

Great Britain

Soviet Union


Axis Powers
Axis Alliance - "The three principal partners in the Axis alliance were Germany, Italy, and Japan. These three countries recognized German hegemony over most of continental Europe; Italian hegemony over the Mediterranean Sea; and Japanese hegemony over East Asia and the Pacific."




United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - Scroll down for additional articles 

Holocaust Survivors - History is not just about events, it is about human lives. Here we present history with a human face.
  • Audio GalleryHear the voices of survivors. Some of the audio recordings tell of incidents related in the texts of the Survivors Stories. Other recordings expand on the stories with additional anecdotes, and with songs and with prayers. A verbatim transcription is provided to help the listener understand the speaker and a translation is provided when a foreign language is spoken.
  • Survivor StoriesLearn more about the life of a Holocaust survivor during wartime. 
  • Photo GalleryThere are four main categories of photographs in this Gallery. There are family photographs which come from the survivors themselves. There are historical photographs which come from archives. There are portrait and location photographs which were taken specially for this project. There are collections of photographs which are of special interest and will be featured from time to time. The sources of the photographs are indicated by the photo credits at the bottom of the page. All photographs are copyrighted and the reproduction rights are reserved.
  • Encyclopedia - The encyclopedia entries were specially created to give background information on the stories. For a concise explanation read the first paragraph of an entry; for more information continue reading on.  

National WWII Museum in New Orleans - Includes an online exhibit of Science and Technology of WWII

Google Cultural Institute 

The Perilous Flight - PBS
American Home Front During WWII
MLA Citations
Visit the following website (owl.egnlish.purdue.edu) for instructions on how to properly cite and list sources you are using when conducting research on Social Studies topics.  The MLA (Modern Language Association) style is required for Social Studies classes.  The Purdue University website offers a wealth of explanation as well as examples on how to properly cite a variety of sources, including articles from databases, newspapers, magazines, TV news reports, online sources, videos/films, even tweets!

WWII Research Resource Suggestion