The Foods We Eat Research Project

Project Overview:


            Provide a description of the food item.

            How is the food item made/produced?

            What are the main ingredients in the food?

Origin – Time Period, Location, Creator

When was the food first produced/invented? 

Where was the food first produced/invented?

Who was the creator of the food?

When and how did the food spread to other parts of the world?


            Where can we find this food today? (countries and/or other places)

            Is there a popular brand of this food item?

            Why might the food be popular today?

Chicago Connection

            Can you find any kind of Chicago connection to the food?

            Are there any famous Chicago companies or brands that make the food product?

Other Names

Is there another name for the food?  Think back to the early history of the food.  What other names is the food known by?

Brands / Producers

            What are some famous brands or producers of the food item?

            Why are these brands or the food so well known?

Statistics (Numbers)

            Provide significant statistics related to your food item.

Healthy Alternative

What can we eat instead of the specific food item that would be a healthier option?


            Keep track of the research sources your team is using.

            Include a bibliography of your sources.


Project Deliverables:

Complete Timeline

            Including Origin, Early History, Important Date, Modern History

Informative Poster

            Includes information and images