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Fourth Grade - Simple Machines Resources

Research at home with e-books (electronic books) available via SOAR, the CPS online library catalog.
1.  Visit the SOAR catalog (click here) and search your science fair project keyword.
2.  Click on an electronic-resource.  Hint: If the book is an electronic resource, it will say [electronic resource] next to the title.
3.  You will be directed to another page.  Scroll down to Electronic Resource.  Under Electronic Resource, click on "Click here to read this eBook from Follett."
4.  Enter the Zapata Academy username and password.  The username and password were given to students during library class.
5.  Click on "read online."  You are ready to begin reading.


Note: The Zapata Academy username and password were given to students during library class.

APA Citations

It is important to include a list of sources (examples: books, websites, articles) used for research to support your science fair project.

  • At the end of your paper, on a clean sheet of paper, create a reference page.  Write "References" at the top of the paper.
  • When creating the reference page, make sure to pay attention to capitalization, punctuation, and italicizing.
  • Alphabetize the sources listed on the reference page by the authors' last names.
Citing: Books
Author's last name, Initial of author's first name. (Year of publication). Title of work: Capital letter also for subtitle. City of book publication location, State abbreviation of book publication location: Publisher.

Note: If the citation continues onto a second line, make sure to indent.

Highmore, B. (2001). Everyday life and cultural theory. New York, NY: Scholastic Publishing.

Sanchez, F., Smith, E., Alvarez, B., & Lopez, L. (2000). Hurricanes: History's most destructive storms. Boston, MA: Oxford University Press.

Additional Citation Resources: 

Visit the APA citation page from Science Buddies

Citation resources are available on this website on the Citations page